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By Jim From Focus | 27 July 2022 | 2 Comments

What are the five points for choosing a UV printer?

1. Brand selection
    First, understand the reputation of brands and manufacturers through Google, Facebook, YouTube and other channels, and investigate the relevant information. It is best to choose the seller from the source factory, so that if there is any problem in the use of the machine, it can be solved very well. After all It is designed, developed and produced by the manufacturer itself, and the engineer knows every part and how to use it very well.
    Take the initiative to contact the seller for online video call. If possible, you can go to the manufacturer for on-the-spot inspection. It mainly depends on the quality of the machine, service attitude, professional knowledge, etc. You can also ask them to help you choose the most suitable machine for you. After all, they are more specialized.

2. Quality Considerations
1) Print heads
    Epson xp600 is a commercial printhead in Epson's mass production. It has extremely high printing accuracy and an ink droplet size of 3.5pl, which makes the resolution of the pattern reach an astonishing 2880dpi, which is comparable to the effect of high-definition photos. It is the mainstream of small machines and photo machines in the market. sprinkler.

    Epson i3200 printheads are high-definition high-speed printheads with high speed and high precision.

2) Board
    The board is the "brain" of the UV printer. It not only controls the inkjet of the nozzle, but also controls the operation of the entire machine parts. Through the set program, each command is issued to make the machine work in an orderly manner. Boards are the core components of printers, and most of them now recognize HOSON boards. Many other boards store data in the software. Once the computer is replaced or the computer is poisoned, the data will be seriously affected or even lost. The advantage of the HOSON board is that it directly stores the data in the board, and the data security factor high. In addition, the HOSON board supports remote online upgrade. If there is a place that needs to be updated later, it can be operated directly online without sending it back to the manufacturer. In addition, its network port is highly stable, the interface is clean and easy to operate, and it has also obtained an authorized chip directly supplied by Epson, which is extremely stable.

3) Details
    The specific details can be reflected in the cooperation and protection of the ink stack to the print head, the protective effect of the infrared automatic height measurement function on the print head, whether there is an anti-collision function on the trolley, whether there is a static eliminator, and whether it will automatically alarm after the ink is used up to prevent The nozzle is burnt out, etc.
   Often details can best reflect a manufacturer's pursuit of quality. If you are a buyer who pays attention to details, you can basically exclude many manufacturers of printers.
      It is worth mentioning that the current Focus printers all have the above designs.

▲Four-axis ink stack lifting system

▲Infrared automatic height measurement

Print head real time anticollision system to protect the print head without scratched by media

Static Eliminator

Automatic alarm when ink is used up
4) Accuracy considerations
    UV printers pursue precision no matter what they print. In addition to the nozzle being an important factor in this precision, the materials used in the guide rails and printing platforms where the trolley runs are also worthy of attention.

5) Design
    The design of the appearance is also very important, after all, you have to consider whether it is easy to move in from the door of your house, whether it takes up space, whether the corners of the metal plate of the printer are easy to scratch yourself, etc.

3. Price
    I would rather worry about the price for a while than worry about the quality for a lifetime. If you want to ensure that your printer works normally, you must choose a printer with guaranteed quality.If the budget is really limited, it is recommended that you choose a smaller printer instead of a lower configuration printer. Such as this.

4. Team and service
    It's also worth considering having a professional team that can spare you a lot of time. Before you buy a printer, they will help you, take you to know and understand the printer, and even recommend the best printer for you based on your budget, size and printing needs, which is when many novice sellers buy printers most needed. After purchasing the machine, if you do not know how to operate and use the machine, the professional team can help you as soon as possible.
    Of course, the more professional team will even make a series of complete online tutorial videos to guide you step by step to use printer.

Tutorial video of using UV printer
5. Factory scale
    The last one is the scale of the factory, which can directly judge the sales volume of the manufacturer's printers; how many years the manufacturer has established until now can judge its technical foundation; whether the research and development, design and production of the printer are completed independently can judge its technical strength, etc. .

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