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Single Pass Direct to Packaging Printer

punkt nr.: Focus Inc. Cobra-691s Printer
1. Hohe Geschwindigkeit: Großformat-Kartonschachteldrucker 2. Sie haben die Wahl: Drei Druckkopfoptionen, entscheiden Sie sich für Dual 3. Einfache Bedienung: Online-Anleitung, Touchscreen, kein RIP erforderlich 4. Maßgeschneiderte Lösung: Weltweiter Vers


Zaid h
Mar 30, 2024
Hello, I need to get location and price for machine please
Mar 21, 2024
Hello, I have a few questions I would like to ask about your focus cobra 691s model printer. 1. How long is the lifespan of the 691s-A4-1H model print head? 2. Which inks can be used in the HP451 model printer head and what are the series. 3. How much does it cost?.
Mar 13, 2024
hello, how ae you ? i need inkprinter for pizza box , carboardbox with 2 print heat max 400-600mm. caan you do affer for me thank you
Mar 05, 2024
Hello Dear, WE are distributor of roaster machine and looking for for printing coffee bag for printing coffee bag Thanks Regards Lionel lartigalot
José Manuel Salcedo
Mar 04, 2024
Im interested in a printer machinery on card board